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Is this the official website for ZENN Motor Company?
No. www.zenncars.com is the official website where you can find press releases and financial statements for the company. This website is built for the low-speed vehicle that they made; all information shared here is non-official.

Does ZENN Motor Company still build and sell electric cars?
No - they only built their low-speed electric vehicle (LSV) from 2006 to 2010.

Where can I buy a ZENN?
Only on used classifieds like eBay, Craigslist and the forum on ZENNcentral.com. The majority currently reside in California.

How many ZENNs were built?
Approximately 600 were originally registered.

What is the top speed?
The top speed from the factory is 25 mph, however some have achieved 35 mph with aftermarket controller software.

How far can a ZENN drive on a single charge?
The range will depend on the health of the battery pack, driving conditions, and temperature - but it is approximately 20 to 30 miles.

Did ZENN stop making their low-speed vehicle because the Illuminati, oil companies or government pressure?
No. Although the LSV is tremendously practical for city driving, it was a stepping stone to a full-speed electric car. As the LSV was not as profitable as expected, and the company wanted to focus on their relations with EEstor, the LSV was naturally let go.

I saw a Rick Mercer where the Ontario government was having a hard time with the electric low-speed vehicle.
Yes, and they are still not legal on the roads in Ontario. However, the majority of cars were sold to California, and elsewhere in the USA, as well as Quebec.

Why didn't ZENN make a full-speed electric car?
ZENN built two full-speed electric prototypes, however their success was contingent upon EEstor releasing their super capacitor commercially. Because the goal is to implement super capacitor technology as quickly as possible, introducing a new vehicle to compete with existing automakers would be difficult, time consuming, and inefficient. Instead, partnerships with existing companies will be made to ensure the super capacitor technology enters the market effectively.